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Fun & Beautiful Home Surf Decor...
Keep the stoke all day long!

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Wooden Kitchen Utensils
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We create beautiful, fun products that also serve a tidy up your life with a little color and day-dreamy surfy vibes

Our woodshop was overflowing. Pieces of lumber, big and small in boxes, stacked in corners and piled under tables. Teak, mahogany, cedar, plywood were spilling everywhere. Even the neighbors had all they wanted. Being in Mexico, where sometimes things are hard to come by, it was hard to let this treasure trove go...almost sacrilegious. We refused to throw it away to be burned or go into the landfill. We had to do something and moving to a larger shop wasn’t the answer.

What we could do and do well is build. Ron and his father and Grandfather before him were boat builders and custom home builders and building and creating is part of our history. I have always loved art and design and while helping build houses and boats with Ron is great, I wanted to focus on furniture and’s, you know, cleaner. We had recently moved off of our cruising sailboat after 18 years and had no furniture and nothing on our walls. I needed something to hang our surf gear and beach stuff up on but the commercial options were boring and just not “us”. We love surfing, surf history and the beautiful wood boards of the early days of surfing so, this seemed like a great place to start. We looked around our shop, pulled some stuff together and started gluing.

​After some trial and error, we came up with our “Hot Curl” longboard wall hangers. We have refined and simplified the original design, our 4 Fin Classic Longboard. From there we moved forward to create the Fish design hangers. Utilizing the plywood scraps, I hand painted and airbrushed them in bright, fun colors to capture the essence of the sea and sky and a favorite board of mine and maybe yours.

We aim to bring the awesomely inspiring and blissful thrill of surf to you. Whether you are landlocked, stuck at work in front of a computer screen, the “Hot Curl” design can be holding up your fav photo of you on a Bali bomb or your gear bag ready with wetsuit and wax or just a reminder of the great little surf pueblo where you enjoyed a great cup of coffee after your morning session. Our designs can take you back!

Everything we build, we build as if it was for our family or ourselves. You can be assured it’s built right...with quality and pride.





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“Surfing is the most blissful
experience you can have
on the planet, a taste of heaven”

- John McCarthy

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