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The “Hot Curl” board design originated in Hawaii in the 1930’s. Hawaiian surfers were surfing on Redwood planks but found that when they were in the best part of the wave, the “curl”, the tail of the board would slide out of the wave. “Sliding A**” was what they called it.

A couple of the surfers cut down a board, narrowing it at the tail and forming a deep V shape. With this new tail design, they were able to dig in and stay in the curl….the “Hot Curl”. And so, the name of the board was born and stuck!

Today the Hot Curl finless board is making a comeback. Our “wall hanger” display boards are shaped to remain true to the original design at approximately a quarter of the original size. They are an awesome way to display a little surf history in your home or office.


Please contact us for custom sizes and prices.


If you are interested in more hot curl history, check out Roger Hall’s video on the history and modern hot curl board designs.


And visit the Surfing Heritage & Culture Center, San Clemente, CA.

Hot Curl Custom Wall Hanger

  • Please contact us for custom sizes and prices.

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